Based just outside of Vancouver, Canada, 22-year-old Lizzy Gadd‘s love of forests, hills, mountains, and ocean was cemented at an early age, and has remained an inextricable part of her personality and vision as a photographer.

She first picked up a camera in 2007 but, as with so many of the amazing photographers on 500px, her real induction into the world of photography didn’t come until years later when she decided to step out of her comfort zone and embark on a 365 project—capturing a self-portrait every day for a year in 2010.

As she explains in her bio, this project solidified a style of photography that has become instantly recognizable as “Gadd”:

Upon completing this 365 project, she discovered her niche, which is as she once best described it: “I, uh… shoot landscapey stuff… with people in them.” So there you have it! She works to display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way, and hopes that it will leave her viewers feeling refreshed and inspired.

Now Lizzy travels the world capturing images (often self-portraits) in this particular style, and pushing us writers to new heights of wanderlust and envy. Here are 22 of our favorite outdoor portraits captured by this accomplished 22-year-old photographer:

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