There’s something lovely about a portrait captured in a train window. Whether it’s a reflection captured from the inside, a street portrait framed in the window from the outside, or even a portrait of a static person framed by a moving train in the background.

These 21 portraits captured by the 500px community make great use of the train window as a way to add drama, motion, or simply as a framing element. Scroll down and enjoy!

Little boy looking out of the window by Milton Louiz on

Dans le train by Benoit COURTI on

In the train by Alice Reyhtman on

Hiding The Smile by Abdullah Ben Mousa on

Longing by Victoria Hellner on

Train by Nikolay Gusev on

Long journey by Olivier Schram on

long way by Milan Jurek on

windows by dana popescu on

Silence by Catalin Caciuc on

Train of thoughts by Gianstefano Fontana Vaprio on

Tears by Ovidiu Tutunaru on

Frozen music tram. by Mike Martfolio on

On the road again by Marina Abdullaeva on

Masha by Inna Petrova on

Window Stories by Rahat Amin on

Train Window by Tom F on

Farewell by Warren Joyce on

In the mirror by Ovidiu Tutunaru on

far away by Szentgyörgyi János on

First Train Ride by The Spragues on

Have you captured a photo like this? Or do you have a tip for how to make the most of your next train ride? Drop us a line in the comments down below! Just be sure to link to your 500px profile or photo if you share one!