Some photographers are just more determined than others. Whether it’s laying down on the concrete, going chest-deep in swamp water, or jumping out of an airplane with a smartphone at the ready, these 21 photographers are doing whatever it takes to get that “perfect” shot.

Sometimes that means carrying every camera and lens ever made… ON YOU:

Taking an unscheduled swim:

Pulling out your trusty ladder… on the beach:

Taking a bit of salt water up the nose… and ears… and everywhere else for that matter:

Climbing up on things that aren’t meant to be climbed by photographers:

Assuming an unflattering position to capture an unflattering subject:

Hoping the wind doesn’t push you to certain death:

Praying your camera insurance covers water damage:

Hanging out of a helicopter for a different kind of “here are my feet” shot:

Risking hypothermia and frostbite:

Instagramming at altitude:

Not being afraid of a little (or a lot) of mud:

Grabbing your paragliding gear:

Taking your hands off the controls… just for a second:

Leaving your fear of heights on deck:

Or your sanity on the ground:

Accepting the kind of judgement only your loved ones can offer:

And then going to stand on the side of a cliff because… why not?

Sometimes you may even have to get upside down… at 10,000 feet:

Or lean over the side of a building in Dubai

But if all else fails, just assume a photo position nobody before you has ever even thought to attempt:

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