How long have you been shooting? Since you were 20? Maybe 16? Or maybe you started REALLY early and picked up your first camera at 10 years old. Well, these photographers have you beat for sure!

These future 500pxers have been “shooting” since they were two, one, or even zero years old. Most hadn’t even mastered walking yet before they picked up their first SLR. Plus they’re all adorable… so there’s that. Happy Monday everyone!

He’s probably thinks he’s better than the rest of us because he learned on a Kodak Brownie…

The Photographer by Liz Straight on

He DEFININTELY shoots manual.

First Camera by Benjamin Essen on

The trick to taking amazing photos? Visualize your shot ahead of time!

New Born|Davi Luiz by Thiago Cosentino on

He accepts no shake in his images… a remote trigger is a must.

Already Getting the Picture by Hezekiah Pugh on

Not sure what’s cooler, the hat or the camera… okay it’s the camera.

Winter Shooting by Wesley Armson on

Is this thing on!?

Master Photographer by J.J. Taylor on

The look we all get when we look through our first twin-lens reflex viewfinder… magic.

Smile please by Branislav Brzula on

It’s important to get lots of rest between shoots…

Future 500 pixer by Kevin Cook on

A tripod is even more important when your hands aren’t big enough to hold the camera.

Just started! by Petr Jan Jura?ka on

To Photoshop, or not to Photoshop… that is the question.

Baby photographer by Nicolas.M  photographie on

She shoots only hand-held and in natural light… a purist from the start.


Ah, an early adopter of the “tongue out focus” technique.

The photographer... by Jaan Al Balushi on

Well… they say you should ALWAYS have your camera on you right?

My Little Photography Buddy by Danny  on

Hasn’t quite mastered the concept of the viewfinder yet…

Newborn Photographer by Tetyana Kovyrina on

Favorite Lens? Check. Favorite Body? Check. Open slot for mid-shoot nap? Zzzzzz.

At Peace With Nikon by Nathaniel Smalley on

Dad’s such a back-seat shooter… stifling my creative vision pops!

The little photographer II by Dan Tivadar on

He only shoots film, and you’ll never convince him to switch!

Little photographer by Eszter Virt on

This little guy fell asleep mid-lens-swap. Don’t laugh… you’d be exhausted too if the lens was as tall as you are.

Photographer in Training by Brad Telker on

Never said they were all gonna be human babies…

Puppy Sleeping in Camera Bag by Alicja Zmys?owska on

Always check your lens for smudges and spots before you go out to shoot.


Have your own pint-sized photographer-in-training? Upload your photo to 500px and drop a link in the comments! And if you wanna see more adorable little photogs, this post from a few months ago is definitely worth checking out.