Ah the sublime art of landscape photography. Anybody who tells you landscape photographers have it “easy” has clearly never tried (or succeeded) at it themselves. As one photographer I was speaking to recently put it: “landscape photographers are some of the most patient, hardest working people I’ve ever encountered.”

Each successful landscape photograph is the result of days, weeks, or sometimes months of planning. If you’re not the type to “fix it in post,” it also means coming back to the same place over and over again, at the right time of year, sometimes for years on end, until the fates align and you capture the photo you’re looking for.

Keep this in mind as you scroll through (and click on) the 15 names below. Each has an incredible portfolio that will leave you wide-eyed, and while each are popular and successful in their own right, they’re not the 500px “all-stars” you might be used to seeing at the top of Popular or covered on 500px ISO.

Editor’s Note: A huge thank you to Sarah Marino, herself an incredibly talented landscape photographer and May Guest Editor, who helped us to come up with this list. As you follow the photographers below, don’t forget to follow Sarah as well.

Paul Rojas

Koveh Tavakkol

Vincent Favre

Michael Bollino

Paul Marcellini

John Mumaw

Kurt Budliger

Adam Gibbs

Floris van Breugel

Anthony Spencer

Justin Reznick

Max Vuong

David Thompson

Ian Plant

Alex Mody

There is no way in Heaven or on Earth we could ever properly list all the talented, follow-worthy landscape photographers on 500px… there are just too many.

If there’s a name missing from this list that you think should have been included (maybe your own?) drop a link to their 500px account in the comments!