You may not have seen Alexey Pedan‘s work yet on 500px. He’s only got 612 followers as of this writing, putting him far behind some of the portrait all-stars you’re likely to run across on any given day browsing the site.

But don’t let a lower follower count fool you: Alexey’s work deserves recognition.

Mostly shot on-location, he specializes in a particular brand of sexy/sultry/intense that ranges from nude water shoots, to crazy costumes, to intense imagery that plays on the dichotomy of good vs. evil.

Scroll down to check out 15 of our favorite images from his portfolio, but be warned, some of these images may not be considered “Safe for Work”… unless you work at 500px.

To see more of Alexey’s work, give him a follow on 500px, check out his 500px Prime Store, or pay his website a visit.