Stop making excuses. Just stop it! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Okay maybe going full Shia Labeouf is a step too far, but the point stands: nobody ever captured an incredible photo while sitting at home making excuses for why they shouldn’t go out shooting today.

And one of the most common excuses we all make (yes, me too, all the freaking time)? It’s raining.

Was gonna go shoot that skyline, landscape, portrait session, or hunt down some cool macro images, but now it’s raining. And since we all know that water is deadly to humans when it’s dripping in tiny droplet from the sky… wait… what’s that? It’s totally and completely harmless 90% of the time!?

Joking aside, the rain is no reason not to go out shooting if you’re careful about your gear. Here are 15 reasons why, next time it’s raining, you should stop making excuses and go shoot! It may lead to the most original, refreshing, and fun photo session you’re had in a while… just take a rain cover.

1. Kissing in the rain is the ultimate romantic moment

Winter Love by Jeremiah Kuehne on

Wedding in the rain 3 by Ivan Zamanuhin on

Lava Kiss by Dallas Nagata White on

2. Rain can add serious drama or even whimsy to your wildlife images

Rain Lion by Marius Coetzee on

Batman ! by Dean Mason on

3. A storm can turn a beautiful landscape into something downright powerful

Moods of Norway ll by Tore H. on

Fire and Rain by Jared Warren on

O Captain! My Captain! by Dragan Todorovi? on

Lightning Strike on Mt. Woolsey, Grand Canyon by Don Smith on

4. The portraits! Oh my goodness the portraits

Under the rain by Igor Kosovec on

tropical rain by Margarita Kareva on

Alone by Amanda Diaz on

late summer rain by Eugenia Fateeva on

5. The rain makes fall colors really pop

Photographer in the rain by Tiger Seo on

november rain... by Olivier Eric Photography on

6. You never know who you’ll run into…

After Heavy Rain by Slim Letaief on

7. Black and white street photography is BEGGING for rain

Collecting Water by Rob ONeill on

Caught Out.. by Owen G on

8. Macro photography is so much better when it’s raining out… be it flowers or snails

Pulsatilla grandis by Martin T?ma on

Lullaby II by Magda Wasiczek on

Raining by Kutub Uddin on

9. You need “rain” for a “rainbow” silly…

Spotlight by Rune Askeland on

Wildflower Prism. by Brian Adelberg on

10. A little water can turn into a cool or unique fine-art image

Rain by Vlad Chorniy on

Under The Rain by Mustafa ILHAN on

What did we miss? Share your favorite reason to go shoot in the rain, along with your favorite rain photo, in the comments down below!