The double exposure—whether it’s created in-camera on in post-processing—is an art in and of itself. You have to take not one, but two great photographs… and then figure out how those two images can best coalesce to communicate the message you have in mind.

The 10 double exposure images below are brilliant and, not unrelated, also the most popular double exposures ever uploaded to 500px as of this writing.

Many adhere to the standard trope of mixing portrait with nature or architecture; but while some double exposures you’ll see do this with mixed results, the photographers and retouchers here picked their subjects and their blending techniques perfectly.

Scroll down and enjoy:

Believe In Yourself by Isaac Gautschi on

"Sometimes yo have to look inside your self to found you" by Md Reda Photography on

Gestalt by Nathan Biehl on

Falling Apart by Borislava Andonova on

Double Exposure "KREMLIN" by ???????  ???????? on

Double Exposure by Calvin Merry on

"In order to follow your heart, you must first find your mind." by Md Reda Photography on

Memories of Paris by Jérôme Berbigier on

C. (in-cam expo) by Ronny Engelmann on

Guardian of The forest by Md Reda Photography on

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