Want to be featured on ISO? Every Monday, we’ll announce a new theme. You’ll have until next Sunday to submit your photo as an entry. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can take this as a challenge to shoot and upload a brand new photo.

Last week, our thoughts travelled back to our favorite teachers. We asked you to submit images that portrayed the teachers that come and go in our lives. We have received 60 fascinating entries. Thanks to everyone who tagged and submitted their photos. Below are our 10 favorite images from all the submissions, featuring the works of Rochan Photography, Monica Anantyowati, Mickey, Pritush Maharjan, Antoine Bruneau, Alexander Riek, Edgar Barseghyan, Patrick Tanguy, and Ahmed Elno’Man. Scroll down, and get inspired!

As always, we hold a random draw giveaway for all those who enter the contest. Anyone who enters will have the chance to win two months of Awesome membership! This week’s lucky random winner is Ahmed Elno’Man.
Congrats, Ahmed, we’ll contact you and upgrade your account soon!

New theme for next week: Plugged In
1. Select a photo that fits this theme. Upload the image, or pick a photo you’ve already uploaded.
2. Add the tag #500pxPluggedIn
3. You’re done! Track all entries here.

We’ll be watching this gallery. The theme is open to your own interpretation, so grab your gear, start shooting, and tagging now! Deadline is June 1st at 11:59PM PT. Good luck, everyone!