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This week we are excited to introduce you to, Iryna iSky.

Iryna iSky is one of the first creators to be featured on VAULT. The first set of creators is an all-female crew that is redefining the NFT space. In the interview, we chat with the photographer about how she got started in the NFT world and any tips she’d have for other creators now starting out.

Iryna Kovalchuk works as a photo artist under the pseudonym ISky. Her work often reflects upon loneliness. In 2021 her work was displayed in the National Ukrainian Museum of History and Art to help people see loneliness as a source of energy. Her second exhibition in 2022 called “Raw” gets creative around the concept of source energy.

Complementing her exhibitions Iryna has worked with a wide range of Ukrainian artists and is the co-owner of the creative team VonyRazom which helps companies create content. Although her practice has been impacted by the current world events she continues to create and support other Ukrainians through these difficult times.

Get to Know the Creator and the NFT Space

As a photographer what do you think is the most important tool in your professional practice?
I think the most important tool in my professional practice is my way of thinking, having empathy, and lack of fear. For me, photography is meditation. When I take a camera I forget about everything. I really felt it during the war. When the war started in Ukraine and the government said us to pack our backpacks, I took 3 big books about photo legends, firstly, then I put medicine, food and my clothes had no place. But it’s not a problem… these books are more important for me than the clothes. 
From the first day of the war, my family and I moved in with my friends, and from that moment we lives in a basement. On the 3rd day, I started to read these books again when the bombs were exploding very close and it helped me not get too scared…I understood that I couldn’t work in Kyiv because of war but I can’t leave my family and my country so we started to volunteer. And when all money ran out I decided to sell my photo tools and forget about photography. However, an editor at 500px proposed the opportunity to become an NFT artist on VAULT. She reminded me that photography is my meditation. So the next day I started to shoot a new series about feelings of war under the sounds and vibrations of bombs. It has now transformed into an exhibition called “333” which at this moment is presented all over the world. Money from this I give to mobile military hospitals on front. So, the main tool for me definitely is confronting my fear.

How do you think the NFT space can uplevel your creative practice?
I’m certain that NFTs are the future. It’s the best way to show your opinion about the world. It gives me an opportunity to create during the war and get money for a living. 


How do you prepare your art to be made into an NFT and do you have any tips for people setting up their profiles on VAULT?
To be an individual and show my way of thinking and perceiving the world is the most important thing to me. Not to copy- but to be original. I don’t like talking so I “talk” through my images. The main advice is that your photos should “tell” the story that you show in your images.

Are there any people in the NFT space that you suggest newcomers follow for insight?
Yes. @Vaultby500px – it’s new but gives a lot of opportunities and it’s simple to use and understand. @nft_x10 tells about NFT news. @bernabephoto is a great example of an NFT photographer.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given by others in the NFT art world?
“Action until you reach the goal”- my husband.

What excites you about NFTs?
For me, the NFT world is the flight of imagination. Nothing is impossible here. I can immerse myself in different realities and worlds. 


How do you plan to keep your collectors informed of new releases and develop hype?
I trust in VAULT. It may sound trite, but I really believe in this platform and I am sure that it gives a big impetus to development. I can’t plan now because of the war but I can dream thanks to VAULT. 

What was the biggest challenge for you to get into the NFT space and how do you think others can avoid this barrier?
It was hard for me to find the right information, make you noticed, and find your audience. The main advice is just to work every day. Try, try and try to create, to study, to show your images, and get ready to wait until it works. 

Are you interested in collecting art as well? If you are, why do you think collecting digital art is a good investment?
Definitely yes. Firstly, it’s because when you buy someone’s pictures, you may sell it more expensive when the author becomes famous. It’s a great return on investment.
Secondly, it helps you to sell your own NFTs.

Any upcoming NFT projects?
Yes. I’m living in a war zone in Ukraine and I do charitable contributions to help the Ukrainian people to rehabilitate the health of the wounded. I create new collections about feelings and humanity called “333” and “Ukrainian defenders”.

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