The ninth week of our This Week in Popular series comes to you packed full of gorgeous landscapes and travel photographs. You won’t find any wildlife photos in this week’s roundup, but if you’re looking for portrait or landscape inspiration, you are not going to come up short!

And if you absolutely NEED some animals, there is an adorable photo of a kitten in there so… you know… silver lining.

Congratulations to all the talented 500px members who made the list this week, and good luck to everybody reading this who didn’t! Each week a score of new photographers break into the Top 25—who knows, next week might be your turn.

25. Old Town by Tiger Seo

24. Spiral by Jessica Drossin

23. Karina by Maxim Guselnikov

22. Lost in Thought by Michael Shainblum

21. * * by Darian

20. The Mirror by Stefano Termanini

19. Haifoss at Sunrise by Etienne Ruff

18. Power by Adelbert Ellingsgaard

17. Okjeongho Lake by Jaewoon U

16. Fire Breather by Dylan Gehlken

15. Valeria by Georgiy Chernyadyev

14. The Tray of Fortune by Mr Friks Colors

13. Face the Tempest by Joan Le Jan

12. On The Way of Endless Dreams by Nedim

11. One Night in Provence by Julien Delaval

10. Absolute Magnitude by Timothy Poulton

9. Cape Daisies by Mandy Disher

8. Eye of the Mariner by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

7. Fire in the Meltwater by Jørn Allan Pedersen

6. Silhouette by Antonio Amati

5. The End of the Shift by Veselin Atanasov

4. Trondheim Nidelva and Brygga by Aziz Nasuti

3. Valya by Sean Archer

2. Torre Del Terror by Ted Gore

1. Storm Chaser by Like_He

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