Over the weekend, we challenged you to capture the phenomenal Supermoon that lit up the sky last Sunday night. And like the full moon, many of you rose to the challenge and delivered some powerful photos.

Thanks to everyone who uploaded, shared, and tagged their #Supermoon2014 images on 500px. From magical cityscapes to spectacular close-up shots–scroll down for 39 of our favorite Supermoon photos and read how these photographers got the shot:

“View from Mount Lycabettus, Athens, Attica, Greece.” – Thomas Mulchi

“Last night I went to a Flickr meetup at Tillikum Crossing, under the Marquam Bridge to photograph the Supermoon in Portland. Tilikum Crossing aka Bridge of the People is a bridge under construction across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.” – Matt Payne

“Supermoon with HDR: one shot exposed for the moon and another shot exposed for the clouds.” – Syed Kamal

“Setting up my camera and tripod on some very boggy ground, I wondered if the moon would be visible through the haze, or if it would need to get higher to be seen. You can imagine my delight as, right on time, the moon began to rise behind the mountain! Taken right as the sun set, the last rays were still lighting up the top of the mountain, giving it a pink glow. This is a single exposure, taken at ISO 100, f/11, for 0.2 seconds, using my 300mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter for a total focal length of 420mm.” – Alexis Birkill

“This is a single shot taken handheld. The light on the building under construction is not from the moon. The company constructing the building has lit the name of the company.” – Vendenis

“Beautiful full moon last night.” – Nick Beadle

“A version of my Supermoon photo which I have processed in the hope of capturing the desolate and scarred surface which is lost to the naked eye.” – Nicholas Brink

“The Moon is rising. Its about 10pm, because of the mountains i can see the moon late this night. After a few minutes the full moon rises above the trees.” – Torsten Muehlbacher

“A view of the Supermoon of August 10, 2014 from NJ over Midtown Manhattan.” – Braulio Cosme

“It was a battle against the clouds last night: here the moon with them.” – Susanne Ludwig

“The forecast called for clear skies this weekend, so I decided to try and catch the full moon rising over Mt Shuksan Saturday evening. We were pretty excited to see the moon rise over the shoulder of Shuksan exactly when and where we’d hoped it would. For scale, you can just barely see a climber’s camp at the top of the snowfield in the bottom center of the image. The tents are tough to see, but the lighter line of the climber’s tracks is easier to pick out.” – Eric Mickelson

“Supermoon 2014.” – Dan Martland

“People gather at the base of the Cape Palliser Lighthouse in New Zealand, to view the biggest Supermoon rising for 2014. It was tricky to get a perfect lineup tonight and it didn’t work out exactly as planned, but I’m still happy with the result! And the people next to the lighthouse were a great scale reference! This is a singe exposure shot taken 3.7km away from the lighthouse.” – Mark Gee

“This image is shot through the window in Turret Arch, which is just to the west of the main archway that you can hike through. This image was taken during moonset. With the North and South Windows, to the south of Turret, and the other chunks of red rock to the north of Turret, I’m not sure this could be caught, with a decent compression, during a moonrise.” – Mike Hathenbruck

“There were so many photographers in the area trying to capture the Super Moon coming over the lighthouse, but there were only a few down in the spot I had set up. It was also hazier than most of us anticipated, so getting the moon behind the lighthouse was really tough, and impossible to get details. I took this one a little while later, when the moon had risen up more.” – Amy DangRabbit

No description.

“Processed in #darktable.” – Jesko Zabel

“It’s not my camera. I was walking and asked the owner of the camera if I could take a photo with my phone. Then he approached the camera and showed me his last shot.” manuelgalindob

“Took this shot a day before supermoon. Smaller moon, but early moonrise before sunset made it possible to create more interesting shot.” – Jin Cho

“Supermoon rises over Koh Samui (Thailand). Took 2 photo and merged in PS. Rocks with sea: 16mm; 13sec; F9; ISO 100 | Supermoon: 200mm; 1/80; F8; ISO 100.” – Tim Ebert

“Shot near the Island Airport in Toronto. The sky over the Toronto Islands was a bit hazy. The planes were landing and taking off, so I decided to shoot the Super Moon as a backdrop.” – Barbara Gillies

“Belgrade, Serbia, August 2014. All the pictures have been taken by me and I also did post production. Camera that I used is Canon EOS 7D with Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG Macro lens.” – Marko Obradovic

“This eerie looking picture is composed of two different images. This picture is taken across my street with my Nikon D3100 at 10 PM August 10th. Thanks to my wife who was with me carrying my gears and helped taking these photos.” – Pradeep Kumar

“Super moon over Perth city. August 10th 2014.” – Rosh Bakmeedeniya

“The August 10, 2014 full moon rising over the waters of Lora Bay. A “Supermoon” appears slightly larger and brighter because the moon is at it’s closest distance from earth.” – Brian Gibson

“This photo was taken the Sunday morning at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve in Utah. The detail in the moon was muffled a little bit by the haze, but it also gave it a nice reddish glow, so I can’t be too mad.” – Mike Hathenbruck

No description.

“Yesterdays supermoon shot at Veles lake in Macedonia. It was taken from a similar boat as these two watching the moon.” – Anita Palceska

No description.

“Single exposure.” – Max Wang

“The Supermoon rising over the Gold Coast, Queensland. A little low cloud and smoke haze gave a bit of a red and yellow tinge to the color.” – Brent Randall

“taken in white rock, bc.” – elec neo

No description.

“Super Moon on August 10th, 2014 as it rises over New York City skyline.” – Eduard Moldoveanu

“The Super Moon sits high over the world’s tallest teepee in Medicine Hat, Ab, CA.” – Elgin Mann

“Supermoon on Slovakia.” – Peter Majkut

“This perspective is different and that is exactly what I was looking for last night. I knew I was running out of time to get the positioning of the moon that I wanted, so I decided I needed to do a composite of two images. One image I exposed for the moon at 200mm and the other I exposed for the scene with the 24-70mm. I am pretty happy with the result and hope you enjoy it too!!” – AMP Studios

“I used big 80-400mm VR Nikon lens for full frame DSLR and FT-1 adapter for Nikon V1. Summary it gave me over 1000mm focal length. And tripod with IR remote control of course. Simple post-processing with contrast, brightness and sharpness.” – Leonid Spektor

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