Do you shoot tethered? A lot of photographers, especially if they shoot mostly on-location, have never taken the time to try it or even considered why they should. And that is a mistake.

In the class below, successful wedding, event, corporate, portrait, and fashion photographer Moshe Zusman spends 38 minutes walking you through what shooting tethered is, how to do it properly, and why you should be doing it whether you’re in the studio or on-location.

Check it out for yourself, but be sure to have a pen and paper ready to take notes!

Admittedly, these sorts of lectures aren’t the most exciting things to watch, which is probably why most people prefer short hard-hitting lists of tips or tricks. We have plenty of those for you if that’s your thing, but the fact is these types of classes offer much more meat when it comes to improving your photography. Take advantage of that!

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