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Summer in the United States is in full swing and incredible local photos like Matt Klowkowski’s incredible capture from a hot air balloon flight in San Diego have been dominating my news feed. All too often, I am focused so much on international travel, sometimes I neglect the incredible beauty and experiences right here in my own backyard.

As much as I love photographing travel landscapes, my main inspiration comes from the people I meet along the journey, especially the children I teach photography too and the NGOs that I work with to help raise awareness to their causes. I wrote about it yesterday. I hope you will give it a read and it helps inspire you to try something a little different next time you travel—giving back to the local communities and people.

Keep those photos coming fellow adventures! They inspire me to get out there and see more of the world, and I hope every Friday, our selections do the same for you.

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San Diego, California

By Matt Klowkowski


Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada

By Callum Snape


Telluride, Colorado

By Casey McCallister


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By Beno Saradzic


Tonle Sap, Cambodia

By Oleg Gatalo


Reine, Norway

By Janne Kahila



By Richard Long Fai Chan



By Sarawut Intarob


Columbian Coast

By Ortwin Khan


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

By Alex Gafling