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Well, with the temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees here in the west coast, my mind was all over the place when I was looking at photos for this week’s travel photos of the week. First, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the water photos, imagining how cool and refreshing a long swim would be. But then the dar side of my mind would take over and I would feel like I was stuck on the dry barren sand dunes of a desert. Needless to say, the summer is getting my mind all fried…maybe a nice swim will help get my focus back.

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Big Sur, California
by Casey McCallister

Bixby Light by Casey McCallister on 500px.com

Venice, Italy
by Michael Boehmlaender

Golden Venice - Santa Maria della Salute by Michael Boehmlaender on 500px.com

Budir, Iceland
by Wim Denijs

Sunset over Budir by wim denijs on 500px.com

White Sands, New Mexico
by Cecil Whitt

White Sands NM by Cecil  Whitt on 500px.com

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana
by Forrest Mankins

Early Morning at Bowman Lake by Forrest Mankins on 500px.com

Devil’s Bridge, Poland
by Volker Handke


by Rob Sese

Camping with Loki by Rob Sese on 500px.com

Mt. Gongga, China
by Daniel Cheong

??? by Daniel Cheong on 500px.com

Paparoa National Park, New Zealand
by Jim Patterson

The Might of Motukiekie by Jim Patterson on 500px.com

by Stefan Forster

Unique by Stefan Forster on 500px.com