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The Wanderlust is kicking in! After not taking a photo for nearly two months, last weekend I decided to make the 10 hour drive to visit Glacier National Park for my first time, and wow, is that not one of the most beautiful paces in the world? I posted some photos on my 500px profile, and will post more through the week!

This week though, I was really inspired by mountains, and I found plenty of them. From Patagonia to Norway, mountains seemed to populate into my 500px feed non-stop, and for good reason, based on the photos I selected. Mountains are magic!

If you submit a photo that you think would make a great addition to either of our Top 10s, be sure to add the tag #ResourceTravel500px!

by Stian N

Color Conversion by Stian N on 500px.com

Redwood Highway
by Nick Carnera

Redwood Hwy by Nick Carnera on 500px.com

by Dave Morrow

Convergence - The Alaska Range, Alaska by Dave Morrow on 500px.com

Lhasa, Tibet
by FaceChoo Yong

Grandma & delicious Tibetan Thukpa by FaceChoo Yong on 500px.com

Dolomites, Italy
by Cludes Tomato

Reflection by Cludes Tomato on 500px.com

by Greg Boratyn

The Beginning by Greg Boratyn on 500px.com

Douro, Porto, Portugal
by Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa

Worse things happen at sea by Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa on 500px.com

Svalbard, Norway
by Marsel van Oosten

Sleeping Beauty by Marsel van Oosten on 500px.com

New York
by Kaidence Chi

foggy by Kaidence Chi on 500px.com

Faroe Islands
by Eirik Sørstrømmen

The Awesome Power of Nature by Eirik Sørstrømmen on 500px.com