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Happy Friday fellow Travel Hounds! I am all about the outdoors this week. As the weather gets warmer and the Milky Way gets stronger, I am itching to get on the road. Ever since I moved to Idaho, I have been busy getting settled, but this weekend I head out, with no real plans or destination in mind. Just me, my camera and the beauty of Mother Nature. Hopefully I can capture something half as good as these awesome photos below.

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Torres Del Paine, Patagoinia
by Sean Bagshaw

Wood and Stone by Sean Bagshaw on 500px.com

by Tomaž Klemenšak

Iceland Roads by Tomaž Klemenšak on 500px.com

Hallstatt, Austria
by Tom Anderson

Moonlit Hallstadt by Tom Anderson on 500px.com

Hønefoss, Norway
by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Encircled by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.com

Death Valley National Park, California
by Erin Babnik

Nowhere by Erin Babnik on 500px.com

Page, Arizona
by Peter Coskun

Thumbs Up by Peter Coskun Nature Photography on 500px.com

by Stian N

Out of the Blue by Stian N on 500px.com

Silence Beach, Spain
by Belén Argüeso Castelos

The silence beach..... by Belén Argüeso Castelos on 500px.com

Death Valley National Park, California
by Ted Gore

The Gathering by Ted Gore on 500px.com

Mont Aigoual, France
by Julien Delaval

Under spotlights by Julien Delaval on 500px.com

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