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Yesterday, the world celebrated World Wildlife Day, and due to mylove and work with elephants in Asia, I immediately searched 500px for elephant photos and was amazed when I saw the aerial photo from Joël Fischer. It gives such a different perspective of these gentle giants, and this view reminds you that such large creatures are still such a small part of this giant world.

While we celebrate World Wildlife Day once a year, we should be working 365 days a year to protect the earth’s wildlife, which is disappearing at an alarming rate. Please find out how to get involved on the dedicated website.

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Masai Mara, Kenya

By Joël Fischer

Masai Mara vu du ciel by Joël Fischer on 500px.com

Abraham Lake, Canada

By Vinci Palad

Abraham Lake, Canada by Vinci Palad on 500px.com

Times Square, New York

By Toby Harriman

Times Square Aerial - Pentax 645z by Toby Harriman on 500px.com

Hong Kong, China

By Peter Stewart


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

By Rick Dobson

Great Grey Owl Head-on by Rick Dobson on 500px.com

Kromlau, Germany

By ?lhan Eroglu

Mirror by ?lhan Eroglu on 500px.com

Parque Tayrona, Colombia

By Kim Leuenberger

Lost in Colombia by Kim Leuenberger on 500px.com

Vestrahorn, Iceland

By Edwin Martinez

FROZEN FORTRESS by Edwin Martinez on 500px.com

Rome, Italy

By Herison Black

The pride from fourteenth Century IV by Herison Black on 500px.com

Toronto, Canada

By SnappedByCam

Whiteout by snappedbycam on 500px.com