If you’re sick of lavender field images, you may want to press your browser’s back button like… RIGHT NOW.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Alrighty! Now that it’s just us lavender field lovers left, I’ll be the first to admit these photos are, shall we say, abundant on 500px. A search for the word “Lavender” will yield nearly 30,000 images, and while not all of those are lavender rows flowing off into the distance the majority are.

But, and I’m being frank here, I don’t care. I love these photos. When a talented landscape photographer or even a portraitist or pet photographer sets their viewfinder on one of these fields, magic happens:

Valensole plateau by Giovanni Allievi on 500px.com

Breath of Life by Elia Locardi on 500px.com

Lavender Sunrise by Antony Spencer on 500px.com

The Lavender Field and Milky Way by Jesús M. García on 500px.com

Endless lavender rows in Provence. by Ana Tramont on 500px.com

Natural Beauty by Klempa  on 500px.com

2K15 by Jason Stephens on 500px.com

Lavender - Provence, France by Andre Distel on 500px.com

One Day in the South by Birgit Pittelkow on 500px.com

Sunset by Pier Luigi Saddi on 500px.com

Violet stripes by Francesco Ferrarini on 500px.com

Summer Bloom by Paul Didsayabutra on 500px.com

Radina by Simeon Kolev on 500px.com

Lavender Lines by Julien Loize on 500px.com

Lavender Season by Alicja Zmys?owska on 500px.com

THE TRAY OF FORTUNE by Mr Friks Colors on 500px.com

Lavender by Vadim Balakin on 500px.com

Lavender field, Provence by Tomáš Vocelka on 500px.com

lavender fields forever by Mirek Galagus on 500px.com

Girls in Lavender by Karim SAARI on 500px.com

Lavender Dream by Albena Markova on 500px.com

Colorful fields by Jokin Romero on 500px.com

Blue Garden by Magda  Bognar on 500px.com

as a small butterfly by Pier Luigi Saddi on 500px.com

Untitled by Inesa Hill on 500px.com

Have your own lavender field photo to share? Upload it to your 500px and drop a link in the comments! Or share a link to your favorite lavender field photo on 500px if you don’t have one of your own.