With their colorful beaks, black and white plumage, and stout stance, puffins are quite photogenic — not to mention adorable. Ready for some cute overload today? Then scroll down, and share this story with your loved ones!

1. Did you know that there are three species of puffins? The Atlantic Puffin…

2. The Tufted Puffin…

3. …and the Horned Puffin.

4. Puffins love to eat fish, sand eels, and zooplankton.

5. They’re awesome at being able to hold several fish at the same time in their beaks.

6. Here is a snorkeling puffin, hunting for food. He can dive as deep as 60 meters (200 feet)!

7. Did you know their feathers are waterproof? It helps keep them warm in the sea.

8. To hunt, puffins swim by flapping their wings and using their webbed feet to steer.

9. They swim as if they are flying through the water. Aren’t they just awesome?

10. Finally, a delicious catch! Om nom nom nom…

11. Puffins just like to hang out with other puffins. In fact, they live in colonies.

12. Did you know that the largest puffin colony in the world can be found in Iceland?

13. About 60% of Atlantic Puffins call Iceland their home.

14. Puffins like to live large. They breed and build their nests high on coastal cliff tops.

15. We dare you to try this, human rooftoppers!

16. They also burrow in cracks and crevices of cliffs. It’s still pretty fancy living!

17. While they’re not known to be vocal, they can be quite noisy when they breed.

18. They make a growl-like call that sounds like human laughter. Creepy.

19. When it’s time to mate, puffins choose a single partner, and lay only one egg every year.

20. Puffins mate for life.

21. Awwww…

22. Puffins are flower lovers.

23. Actually, they collect flowers for nesting material.

24. Puffins, the Martha Stewart of the avian world.

25. They do look more majestic than cute in a field of flowers.

26. Puffins and their lavender burrow.

27. Puffins are awesome fliers.

28. They can fly pretty low when they hunt — about 10 meters (33 feet) above water.

29. They look like flying penguins. (Though they are not closely related at all.)

30. Up in the air, puffins can beat their wings up to 400 times per minute.

31. They can achieve speeds of 88 km/h (55 mph).

32. So graceful!

33. Even snowstorms can’t keep a good puffin down.

34. A puffin in the snow.

35. Because of their looks, puffins are commonly known as the clowns of the sea.

36. But we think they’re more than that. We love you, puffins of the world!

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