Mostly, owls. This one’s all about owls, folks.

Majestic as they are, they always seem to be pissed off about something.

First off, they’re not really known as perky morning folks.

They’d rather sleep all day, do their business at night.

Maybe they’re mad about their feet.

Did you know that two of their toes face forward while two face backward? (It’s used to grip their prey.)

And who wouldn’t want a third toe that rotates forward? (It’s used for perching.)

It’s not their only body part that can rotate.

Like the kid on The Exorcist, they can turn their head.

They’re probably pissed that their eyes are fixed within their sockets.

…which means they have to turn their entire heads to be able to see in different directions.

Stop doing that, dude. You’re freaking us out!

Or maybe they just suffer from Bitchy Resting Face.

Bitchy Resting Face starts at infancy.

They throw tantrums.

Wonder what this baby owlet is mad about?

Probably since this other one is being a tool.

Owlets probably get it from their momma.

Hell hath no fury like an angst-ridden teen owl scorned.

They’re stark raving mad and won’t shut up about it.

As they get older, the grumpier they look.

“You kids get off my lawn!”

But they never lose their epic moves.

They’ve got moves you can’t refuse.

This one is their version of the hand jive.

And this is how they do the dougie.

The slide.

“Grrr. Get the #@%& off my dancefloor!”

The most gorgeous angry-looking folks on the planet.

But owl don’t care.

Not a single hoot was given that day.

Looking beautiful today, guys! Anyone up for a family portrait?

Clearly, nobody is happy about posing for a family portrait.

This meerkat family portrait has nothing on an owl family portrait.

They just look so badass as a gang.

Mom and Dad ready to ground you for life…

..and the kids just don’t give a hoot.

Don’t mess with this family.

When they start to squint, watch out.

More like watch your back.

Are you a small creature? Just a heads up—you are dinner.

Grrrr. Om nom nom nom. Grrrr.

The equivalent of giving major side-eye.

The classic “You’re-Dead-To-Me” look.

Stop it.

“I’m coming for you, fool.”


“Scram, or Owl cut you!”

It’s bird! It’s a plane! It’s…yes, it’s a bird.

“Are you still here? GTFO.”

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