Ted Forbes — the creator behind the wonderful Web photography show The Art of Photography — is one of my all-time favorite photography educators and inspirational voices in this very crowded, often very noisy sphere. (Another, if you remember, is Mike Browne)

His advice, its quality, and the honesty with which he delivers it all make him a go-to for me if I’m feeling down about my work — and when I say work I mean both photography and writing.

And so, when Ted decided to take on one of the most frequently asked and difficult to answer questions all photographers ask, me ears perked up, I pressed play, and I listened. Here is Ted Forbes’ answer to the question “How Do I Develop My Own Style?”:

I love this video. I’ve bookmarked this video. And if you, like me, have a tendency to get down on yourself and get stuck watching and procrastinating instead of doing, I suggest you bookmark this as well.

To see more from Ted, be sure to subscribe to The Art of Photography on YouTube.

[H/T ISO1200]