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This month we are happy to welcome our two new Guest Editors: Daniel Casson, from Sheffield, UK and Denise Kwong, based in Sydney, Australia. Read on and get to know these two talented artists and their amazing photos.

Meet Daniel Casson

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My name is Daniel Casson and I’m from Sheffield. I’m 27 and I started photography through using the app Instagram. Like most, I used my phone to take photos and I quickly began to get recognized. After my first commission with Land Rover, I bought myself a professional camera and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve worked with a number of brands and my most current campaign is with @visitfaroeislands when I visit in April.

Perfect House by Daniel Casson on 500px.com

Q: Who are your two favorite photographers and why?
A: @hannes_becker is my first pick, I love his tones and creativity he shows in his photography. Also, I was lucky enough to meet him and go hiking in Scotland with him last year. Second choice would have to be @jannikobenhoff his work is amazing and at 16 he is definitely an inspiration.

Skogafoss by Daniel Casson on 500px.com

Q: If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased), who would this be and why?
A: David Beckham, growing up he was my idol and made me get into football. Also, he seems like a nice bloke.

Winnats by Daniel Casson on 500px.com

500px: 500px.com/daniel-casson1
Instagram: @dpc_photography_

Favourite of 2016 by Daniel Casson on 500px.com

Meet Denise Kwong


My name is Denise Kwong and I reside in Sydney, Australia. My photography journey began with Instagram and an iPhone. I was initially interested in minimalism and creative editing and was amazed by the various apps one could use to create art. I progressed to people in landscapes, made the transition to a proper camera and now, my preferred photography style is conceptual and creative using the human form. Creative portraiture is next on my list and I’ve recently purchased a couple of film cameras to aid in this. I’m looking forward to the challenge that film photography poses – timing/framing/composition/lighting – really thinking about the shot before taking it.

icognito by Denise Kwong on 500px.com

Q: Who are your two favorite photographers and why?
A: Ren Hang – he had such a way with composition – his use of the human body and limbs were incredibly artistic and original. He didn’t require a fancy setting, fancy filters or even a fancy lens – the way he positioned his subjects spoke for themselves. He will be truly missed.

Fan Ho – his skills with a film camera. The way he saw light, shadows and ability to frame the shot. His images of old Hong Kong were just phenomenal. I was born in Hong Kong plus I’m learning film photography so his photos have really left me in awe.

sleeping beauties by Denise Kwong on 500px.com

Q: If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased), who would this be and why?
A: Chrissy Teigen. She seems fun and quite hilarious – I think she’d be rather entertaining to hang with. I recently saw her pictured with a bucket of fried chicken so I know our food tastes are in sync. Plus with any luck I may be able to convince her to do a creative photoshoot after!

Hide and seek by Denise Kwong on 500px.com

500px: 500px.com/twistdee
Instagram: @twistdee
Personal Website: twistdee.tumblr.com

Disintegrate by Denise Kwong on 500px.com

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