Pablo is a Licensing Contributor based in Argentina who has an affinity for reptiles, all things nature, and candid family moments. With over 1000 photos in the 500px commercial collection, Pablo is no stranger to the intricacies of licensing and commercial photography.

Q: Argentina is home to some breathtaking scenery. You recently ventured into the forest and caught some lush nature shots. Talk us through these shots—what made you stop and take the photo?

A: Yes, Argentina is a country of many contrasts, with landscapes of all kinds. I live in Misiones, which is located in the northeast of the country and borders Paraguay and Brazil. It is especially known for the Iguazú Falls and its exuberant jungle. We are used to seeing a lot of green all year round due to the subtropical climate of the area. I think that is why we developed a taste for nature. I love being in contact with her.

Ferns bring back memories of my grandparents’ house, they had many… I like the shape of the leaves and that’s why I usually photograph them.

The photo of the coati family was not a coincidence since we were there for them. It was the breeding season, and they were filming a documentary about their behavior, in which they needed the participation of one of my brother’s animals for some shots, and I was lucky enough to be asked to accompany him. I took the opportunity to take photos.

I really like the mystery in photography, and every time I see a path, I stop to capture it. It is the beginning of everything, as they take you to incredible places.

The name I chose says a lot since the Iguazú Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world, and the way to get there is through that path.

Q: Beyond nature, you take a variety of detailed, pet shots. Where do you find these little critters?

A: I am lucky that my younger brother is a fan of animals and especially reptiles. He has a great variety and owns a Veterinary Clinic where they work with exotic animals.

Many of these animals are bred and born in captivity. We live very close, and thanks to this I can take some photos of the ones I like the most.

Q: Not everyone is comfortable with reptiles, however, you have a number of photos where your model lets a snake sit on her shoulders. Can you walk us through these shoots?

A: It’s a matter of trust, that’s how I see it. I trust my brother when he tells me that the snake is very docile and he will allow himself to be handled without problems, and the model trusts me when I tell them to relax and let the snake feel comfortable to take the pictures. It is all a matter of patience.

Q: Symbolism is often used within photography to provide added context or layered meaning in the photo. A fox mask frequently appears in some of your portrait work, tell us a little bit about why you incorporate this into your work.

A: I have many self-portraits, and I have no problem sharing them. The thing about the mask is more about the theme of not getting tired with photos of me, so I use it as if it were an alter ego. It is an animal that I like very much.

In the specific case of this photo, I think it represents very well the moment we are living with the Pandemic, since although everyone would like to be able to leave, a fox (or any animal) is better outside than inside—free to do what they wish.

Q: The fox mask reminds me of those 3D paper origami sets that you can build. Did you make it yourself, or is it something you source specifically for your shoots?

A: I saw these types of masks, and I immediately liked them, so I researched and found an online store that sold them. You assemble them yourself. It comes in a book format with hard sheets and cut-and-paste marks to achieve that 3D shape.

The creator of this is:

Q: Lifestyle content never goes out of style, and you shoot a lot of it! With over 1000 photos in the 500px commercial collection, how do you decide which of your photos you will license?

A: I spend a lot of time at home, and in order not to get rusty, I try to use the camera a lot as well as editing. Thanks to that, I take many photos of everyday things and then upload them.

I think I give a lot of work to the Photo Editors when selecting which are, and which are not good photos for licensing. I upload almost everything I get with the license option. It is better to have a good amount of options, even if there are not many sales.

Q: As someone who regularly licenses their content, how do you go about titling, tagging, and keywording your content to increase searchability?

A: It is more complicated for me to put a title to the photo than to take it, many times I try to be creative so as not to fall into common names such as “Boy jumping”, in the case of the example photo. With the tags, I follow the advice that was once published on the 500px blog. I’m not very good at writing, I like people to interpret what they see in their own way, but in some specific cases I try to tell a little more about what is being seen.

Q: A number of your commercial lifestyle photos feature a certain little boy, tell us about him.

A: That child is my oldest son Vicente. We spend a lot of time together; every time we go somewhere, I carry the camera so I don’t miss a moment.

Q: Capturing the tiny moments in life may seem like a simple task, but knowing which moments will truly resonate with people is no easy feat; you have a real eye for those genuine and candid micro-moments. What inspires you to hit the shutter during that split second?

A: You have to see things impartially and always be attentive, but it is easier when you enjoy those moments. I just enjoy them and try to make the camera go unnoticed so that at the moment of taking the photo everything is real and sincere.

Q: If you could only shoot one photography genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: I would definitely choose landscape photography, more precisely natural landscapes. Of course, I would like to have the possibility to travel to different places to do it, although I was in New Zealand I could not capture everything I would have wanted from that beautiful country, and one of my dreams is to get to know Iceland and its incredible landscapes.

My taste for photography goes entirely hand in hand with regards to landscapes, I try to make them look like paintings and not exaggerate in the edits.

It is my grounding wire; it gives me peace of mind—the simple fact of being in one place waiting for the right moment to take the picture.

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