Last month we teamed up with the amazingly talented artist, Rob Woodcox to launch the “Bodies of Light” Quest in honor of PRIDE and the BIPOC community!

Today we’re excited to announce the photographer who is taking home the $1000 US grand prize as well as a selection of some of Rob’s favorite images from the Quest.

A Message from Rob Woodcox:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bodies of Light Quest! It was a challenging Quest to judge because of the sheer volume of submissions that were both moving and eye-grabbing. The narrative was the focus here, so in the end I chose images that I felt moved by in both the visual presentation and the story (given or perceived). I’m excited to share this experience with you all and I look forward to seeing how all the selected artists progress in their craft.

First Place Winner

The more the merrier by Jonathan Rodgers

I chose this as the winning image because I think it best depicts the theme of the Quest, both celebrating a queer and BIPOC relationship and artist. The positive emotions of the portrayed models emanate an energy I believe the world needs right now. I love that the photo effortlessly celebrates body positivity and queer identity. I wish this artist the best on their journey moving forward, congratulations!

Runners Up

Black Magic by Nana Frimpong Oduro

I chose this image as a runner up because I was instantly grabbed by the artful color work paired with the feminine styling on a masculine body, showing the versatility of gender identity.

J & B by Amine Fassi

I chose this image because I believe body equality and freedom is a very important subject, and seeing the artist is from Morocco, I want to celebrate their brave work in a country with more limitations around body identity than my own country.

Tara and Gio by Aleksandra Lemke

I chose this image because it instantly told me an interesting story and made me want to learn more about the experiences of the subjects.

project CURVES by Michal Zahornacky

This image instantly jumped out at me as unique and artful, I love the experimental effect achieved that makes this feel like a dream

Night Bloom by Rikki Matsumoto

I chose this image because of the well placed symbolism and the story that was shared behind it; it was moving to read and see the image paired with it.

Domino by Craig Colvin

I chose this image because I love the surrealistic quality of the composition and the story that can be found in the attempt to connect by both models.

If you’d like to see more of Rob’s work, check out the following:


And pick up your copy of his new art book here