Do you have a strong case of wanderlust? Are you planning a trip? Or maybe you just came back from a great vacation, and you’re already wondering where to go next?

We know that photographers are always on top the latest travel trends—and in many cases, they’re even ahead of the game. By examining the trends of the community’s photo uploads from different locations around the world, we were able to find some of the hottest travel destinations. From the dramatic landscapes of Iceland to the colorful streets of Havana, if you want the inside scoop on where to travel, photographers are the ones to look to. Many of these destinations are outside your normal “must-see” lists.

With Places by 500px, we want to share some of these trending destinations and give you an opportunity to discover them yourself. Check out the unbelievable views from the mountaintops of Norway, or take a peek at the gorgeous coast of Vietnam. Catch a glimpse of the volcanoes of Ecuador and explore the canyons of Arizona. Whether you’re into busy, lively cities or peaceful escapes to nature, you’re sure to be inspired by these incredible destinations.

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Winter time by Gitta Sladi? on

Ecuador. by Julia Dávila-Lampe on

Summer Break by Conner Quinto on

Foggy sunrise in Olden, Norway by Rob Sese on

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