We want to celebrate the best in photography!

500px is proud to announce the launch of our first annual Global Photography Awards. These awards were created to recognize and highlight the amazing talent within the 500px community.

Starting December 15 and running until January 13 you’re invited to submit your photos to any of the categories below for a chance to be awarded a cash prize and the title of 500px Photographer of the Year.

The Prize

Here’s your chance not only for global recognition with a community of over 17 million but each category will have a first, second, and third-place winner who will receive cash prizes.

The First Place winners will be awarded $1500 US
The Second Place winners will be awarded $750 US
The Third Place winners will be awarded $250 US


Technical Expert

Technical skills for photography include knowing your lighting, effective use of aperture and shutter speed intentional spacing, placement of the subject, and post-production editing that takes your imagery to the next level.
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Creative Eye

Creative and artistic photos are not required to stick to the traditional rules of photography. Get imaginative and experimental. It’s a chance to think outside the box and have fun with your photography. Limitations like everything being sharp and in focus don’t exist. Your photos can push boundaries and rely more on arousing a feeling than replicating reality. 
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Provide an accurate representation of people, places, objects of events. In the age-old tradition of documentary photography, your images should record everyday life and give us the facts in a manner that honors transparency. 
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Shot on Mobile

Our phones allow us to capture any moment, giving us a chance to record the unexpected. Today our technology is so advanced that the quality of work produced through phone photography rivals the best DSLR. Often resulting in beautiful images that we would never have had the opportunity to capture so conveniently.
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Why Submit?

These awards were launched to continue our mission to support creative talent and inspire photographers around the world. Our editors meticulously review all submissions and work hard to increase visibility to images that demonstrate technical excellence and creativity. 
Giving yourself certain creative restrictions or looking through your photography archives with specific requirements can push you to create/find some of your best work.

Submit now for the chance to earn global recognition as well as amazing cash awards.