This year marks an exciting opportunity for OPPO and OnePlus users with the launch of the 2024 imagine IF Photography Awards. Partnering with 500px as the exclusive official international submission portal, the competition invites photographers to showcase their talent and creativity using their mobile devices. It’s a call to capture the world as you see it, with categories ranging from Landscape and Portrait to Fashion and Travel.

The Competition

imagine IF is all about celebrating the art of mobile photography. It’s an open invitation to showcase photos that capture your imagination and share them with a global audience. The competition is designed to explore a wide range of themes, ensuring there’s a spot for every style and subject matter.

500px is thrilled to be able to connect international photographers to this competition, emphasizing that while we’re the main international submission portal, winners will be selected from entries across all platforms. This broadens the stage for participants but also shines a spotlight on the 500px community with an exclusive prize reserved for its members.

Meet the Judges

The 2024 imagine IF Photography Quest features an esteemed panel of judges, including Alec Soth, known for his work in narrative photography and his affiliation with Magnum Photos; Michael Yamashita, a celebrated National Geographic photographer with a focus on landscapes and portraits; Pete Lau, OPPO’s Chief Product Officer, bringing an innovative perspective on mobile imaging; and Steve McCurry, legendary for his vivid storytelling and iconic images like the “Afghan Girl.” They’re joined by Tina Signesdottir Hult, an internationally acclaimed art photographer; Wang Jianjun, renowned for his exploration of China’s landscapes and cultural history; and Yin Chao, a leading figure in Chinese fashion photography. This diverse group of judges ensures that entries will be evaluated with a keen eye for both technical excellence and artistic depth.

Rewards and Recognition

Entrants have the chance to win significant prizes, including up to $24,000 USD and the latest OPPO flagship series for the grand prize winner. Special attention is also given to the 500px community, with a unique cash prize of $300 USD exclusively for its members. Beyond the prizes, participants will gain global exposure and the chance to be part of international photo exhibitions, with winners from all submission portals being judged together to ensure a fair and exciting competition.

How to Participate

Participation is straightforward: your submissions must be captured with an OPPO or OnePlus device and include the necessary metadata. The competition encourages originality and creativity within its categories, allowing up to 15 entries per category per participant. Remember, the key is to share your vision and imagination through your lens.

For more details on how to enter and to make your submission, visit the 2024 imagine IF Photography Awards on 500x.

In Summary

The 2024 OPPO imagine IF Photography Quest is more than just a competition; it’s a global platform for mobile photographers to showcase their skills and creativity. With a straightforward submission process, a range of categories to suit every style, and the chance to have your work judged by renowned photographers, there’s every reason to get involved. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, this is your chance to capture the extraordinary and share it with the world.

Submit your photos now.