Giraffes, lions, buffalo, birds, and butterflies… there’s a lot of different sized creatures on this planet of ours. For this fun little hump day collection, we tried to find some pictures of the big and small united at last.

There are parents and their little ones, huge animals and tiny insets, dogs and kittens, and the unlikely and unbelievably adorable pair above, known as “Ingo and Napoleon.” Scroll down and get your dose of cute for the day.

Best friend love by Casey Bebernes on

The Lion King by Neil Agate on

Giraffen by Nadine Volz on

Parents Love by Anneliese & Claus Possberg on

Sweety by Rob Janné on

Red Dawg Love by Jeff Clow on

Mother-child bond by Manuela Kulpa on

GIVE ME FIVE by Antje Wenner-Braun on

Hippo Mum and Baby by Will Burrard-Lucas on

Birdie and the beast, Yellowstone National Park by Tin Man on

hey, friend. by Hannah Meinhardt on

big and small by Barbara Bamberger on

On Top by Rob Janné on

Big Brother by Wiebke Haas on

Elephants in Sunrise by Alex Laurs on

Big and small, there

....little wonders.... by Anne Geier on

Weee ? by Tanja Brandt on

This was a tough one to put together, so if you know of another big vs small photo we missed, or just want to share something cute from YOUR archives with us, drop a link in the comments!