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Today, as fluffy frozen flakes blanket landscapes across the northern hemisphere, we begin our Around the World series with a simple, and simply beautiful, subject: snow.

30 photos of snow from around the world. Scroll down, bundle up, and enjoy!

Steps to Sunrise - Spotlight by Jürgen Eisele on

Drifting Snow and Adelies by Glendon  Wesley  on

The Mall and Literary Walk in Central Park. by Ahmer Kalam on

Joyride by Ido Meirovich on

Russia. Moscow. Hotel Radisson "Ukraine". by Yuri Degtyarev on

winter in Chamonix by Alexey Gorshenin on

People in the snowstorm by Peng Yuan on

Winter landscape of village in the mountains by Lena Serditova on

Evening fog by Gunar Streu on

Travelers on Baikal by Olga Galkina on

NYC Blizzard Juno by Ray Kijmedee on

Alone out there by Sander van der Werf on

Waves on a snow-sea by Jason  Hummel on

Alone by Sarawut Intarob on

Emerald waters - during the snow storm by Berthold Trenkel on

Himalaya Journey by Jkboy Jatenipat on

Belogorsky monastery by Vadim Balakin on

Cabin light by Gunar Streu on

Chilling Selfie by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

Snowfall in mountain winter forest by Evgeny Drobzhev on

Alpinist and Ama Damblam Peak (6812 m) by Arsenii Gerasymenko on

FWT Verbier Xtreme 2015 by Jakob Sanne on

Lofoten by Max Rive on

Swimming in the ice in winter by Olga Saliy on

Group of Elks by Sebastian Herold on

Frozen Toront? by John Quintero on

oakliesnow by Matthew Jones on

Waves on a snow-sea by Jason  Hummel on

Mount Baker Sunset Panorama by Jake Knapp on

The aliens II by Julia Wimmerlin on

Every photo above was captured by a 500px community member, and every one is available to license through the 500px Marketplace.

To add your photos to the fray, upload your favorite snow photo to your profile and then share a link in the comments down below—you can even submit it to the Marketplace if you’re feeling brave. Show us what snow looks like in your corner of the globe!