Jennifer Bin is city and street photographer based in Shanghai. She is best known for her work with capturing strong symmetry, sharp geometry, repeating patterns, vertical views, and minimal people in epic cityscapes and street scenes, bathed in moody tones.

Me and a big fan.  by Jennifer Bin on

Followed by tens and thousands on 500px and Instagram, her images are always consistent to her technique and style—they’re never boring. You can get to know her more in our exclusive interview here. Below, she shares her best pro tips for photographing rooftops and cities. Read on, and learn how to get breathtaking shots like her.

Canton Tower by Jennifer Bin on

1. Look for strong geometry, converging lines, repeating patterns, and symmetry. It only takes a few more seconds to line yourself up with the center, but it will make your photos a hundred times better.

Obsessive Compulsive by Jennifer Bin on

2. If the scene isn’t symmetrical, try to make it symmetrical. Is there any glass around? No? Then even a puddle will do. I love taking reflection photos. I get a sense of zen when I see a perfectly symmetrical photo.

Curvilinear by Jennifer Bin on

3. Set a 2-second timer when you take long exposures. And you don’t need long exposures that are 30 seconds long. Just 5-10 seconds will do if you want nice light trails.

Classic Shanghai by Jennifer Bin on

4. Shoot early in the morning. You’ll be surprised at what you encounter on the street at 6 A.M.

Me on a bridge by Jennifer Bin on

5. Use SKRWT or Photoshop to get your perspective lines straight. Straightened photos give that extra kick to an already good shot.

Mirror Symmetry by Jennifer Bin on

6. Shoot a lot, shoot often, shoot with people you admire, and shoot with people different from you.

Kleiber by Jennifer Bin on

Titans by Jennifer Bin on

Class Shanghai. by Jennifer Bin on

Empire State of mind by Jennifer Bin on

To see more of her groundbreaking work, follow her on 500px. Or visit her personal website, Instagram, or Tumblr.