We recently challenged you to submit authentic, meaningful photos that depict genuine emotions and real moments between true friends. It’s no easy task to capture these kinds of emotions in a still image, so as always we were impressed with those of you who managed it so beautifully in your submissions to our “Friends as Family” Photo Quest.

Photos that capture people in authentic, natural moments are also highly coveted by photo buyers. We’ve picked 6 stunning submissions from “Friends as Family” that we think buyers will love, and that followed the brief for the Quest perfectly (especially by including model releases!).

One of these photos is our Photo Quest winner. Scroll down to find out who won!


Friends by Ester Hovhannisyan on 500px.com

Little brother and sister having fun with balloons in the park by Milenko ?ilas on 500px.com

Beachside by Connor Smyers on 500px.com

two happy little girlfriends running in spring garden by ????? ??????????? on 500px.com

And the winner of this Photo Quest:

Wedding couple by Anastasia Ness on 500px.com

Congratulations to Anastasia, whose winning image will be purchased by yours truly at 500px! And thanks to everyone who participated in this Photo Quest. If you missed out on this one, don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of other fun Quests to keep you busy, so get out there and keep shooting!