At 500px amazing photography is at our core, but these photos would not be possible without the talented people behind the lens. The 500px Spotlight series highlights the global and diverse photographers that are part of the 500px Community.

This week we are excited to introduce you to the aerial photographer, Grzegorz Tatar.

Hi Grzegorz, please introduce yourself!

My name is Grzegorz Tatar. I live in the winter capital of Poland—Zakopane. For me, the local mountain landscapes and original architecture were a good reason to develop in the field of photography. In the winter, I spend a lot of time snowboarding, but the rest of the year is dominated by photography. I have a wife and two children.

How did you get your start in photography, and what made you gravitate to drone photography?

It’s a funny situation because it was the opposite. My adventure began when I got interested in aerial photography, then I tried standard photography as well.

I was able to take my first serious photos with the Phantom 4 Pro, which I still have. I’m currently flying the Mavic 2 Pro, which is more compact and can reach more interesting places easily. I like the world seen from the above—the photos are more enigmatic and have more artistic value.

When shooting a location, how do you decide on where would look the best from above? Do you have a preferred time of day for aerial photography?

This is where the internet comes to help. There are many tools online that make the process of searching and planning interesting locations easy—Google Maps, PhotoPills, ICM, etc. A lot depends on the weather conditions. All it takes is a bit of patience and luck while searching to find appealing, must-see places being captured from the air.

For me, the best time to take photos is sunrise and sunset. The price you pay is the lack of sleep, but the views usually compensate for fatigue.

Your Road to Heaven image was the winner of the Vanishing Point Quest. Could you take us through how you got the shot and your editing process?

Yes, that’s right. Thank you for the award! The story of this photo is quite random, as it was taken spontaneously.

My goal was to photograph a small church not far from the aforementioned road. However, being there and flying in the area, I saw the road leading to a small town. I found the composition so interesting that I decided to capture it in the form of a vertical panorama. Then, during editing, I combined the photos into one composition and made a standard correction, giving the photo monochrome colors. I distinguished a path directing the viewer’s attention to the wonderful sky full of clouds that I had found that day.

You also work in events—what does a typical day on an event project look like and how do you prepare?

Sometimes I work in events—good organization is something that counts here, as well as synchronization with the rest of the team and full readiness to take the drone into the air. I always check the location of a given event in advance to see which places will be best for photos, and to find a suitable place for the drone to take off.

Where do you look for creative inspiration? Do you have any unexpected ways to get the creative juices flowing that you could share with the 500px community?

Professional literature, magazines, albums, understanding the art—these are a powerhouse of ideas for me. The internet itself—here you can not only find a lot of inspiration, but also nature, geometry, abstraction, unusual professions, etc.

What is your favorite image on your 500px profile, and why?

I really like the photo “Junkyard” that I have recently added, as it is a classic top-down view, and that is the perspective I like the most. It is an interesting composition, which additionally attracts attention with its colors. I like when photos are more abstract when they stimulate associations, and everyone sees something different in them.

Do you have any exciting new projects in the works that you feel comfortable sharing with the 500px community?

Yes, but please be patient. Thank you for the interview.

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