500px is a global photography community. Communities have an incredible ability to come together to support a common goal, and we want to bring ours together for an important initiative.

500px has teamed up with McDonald’s Canada in their Burger Swap initiative to celebrate National Hamburger Day on May 28th. The Burger Swap will support families at Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada. With headquarters in Toronto, we feel strongly about giving back to the Canadian community.

If you have no new notifications on 500px, the notifications icon on web (mobile and desktop) will be changing into a hamburger. We will also be changing the ISO mobile menu icon and adding a hamburger banner in the 500px app. McDonald’s Canada has agreed to donate 10 cents to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Canada for every person who clicks on the Hamburger on our site and visits our ISO article highlighting this initiative.

We only have one day to make a difference, so share this with your friends, tell them to click today and help us make the maximum impact!

McDonald’s has been a source of inspiration for many members of the 500px community. Check out this collection of McDonald’s around the world.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions by Marcus on 500px.com

What is the story behind the hamburger on my screen?

500px and several other groups will be changing their menu icon to a hamburger icon. In the tech and design world, it’s often referred to as a “hamburger” button, because of the three parallel lines that look like a hamburger.

Clicking on the hamburger button donates 10 cents to RMHC Canada, at no cost to you.

Who is Ronald McDonald House Charities?

In 1982, Ronald McDonald House Charities® Canada was founded to be the everlasting organization to support Ronald McDonald Houses and their programs in Canada. Ronald McDonald Houses are a play for families to stay while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital. Today, 15 Ronald McDonald Houses serve more than 20,000 families each year. Completing the circle of support for Canadian families are 13 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms®, which provide a place for families to rest and connect right inside the walls of the hospital, as well as the 2 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles in Calgary, Alberta.

During this most difficult time, parents not only struggle to support their sick child, they have to care for their other children, keep their jobs, pay bills, and manage the responsibilities of everyday life. With so much to balance, they shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

While McDonald’s is RMHC Canada’s founding and largest donor, Ronald McDonald Houses rely on the support of the entire community and greatly values donations from community and other corporate partners.

If you would like to make a donation beyond your click in support of families staying at a Ronald McDonald House in Canada, you can make a charitable gift in the amount of your choice here.