As I type this sentence, it is exactly T-minus 6 hours until the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. 360 minutes from now, exceptionally large men will begin pummeling each other for sport in the hopes of getting an oblong ball into a rectangular piece of grass known as the end zone… and many of us will lose our freaking minds cheering for them!

But just in case you’re having a hard time getting yourself psyched for the coming festivities (or commercials because, let’s be honest, that’s at least half the reason we all watch this game) here are 49 NFL football photos to get you excited about Super Bowl XLIX. Ready… BREAK!

Some will point out that there are many more Seahawks images than Patriots images, and to that we will respond by saying: yep… there are. It turns out 500px has a much more active user base in Seattle than New England. The question for you is: what are you Patriots fans gonna do about it? #challengeextended

To see more of the awesome sports photos on 500px, click here. And if you’ve got some Patriots images to fill out our collection, drop us a link in the comments. Seattle might be the “slight underdog” according to the news, but they’re kicking your guys butts in the photo game.