For our latest 500px Photo Quest, we asked you to search for symmetry in your day-to-day surroundings, and to share your findings with us and the rest of the 500px community. We love how creative you got with your symmetrical photos! From food to nature and a bit of everything in-between, we simply adore exploring the world through your eyes.

Here’s our roundup of our favorite submissions so far. We hope they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us!

inside the tube by Alberto Suárez on

Church in Shanghai by Stark Yang on

Untitled by wenyu lee on

Untitled by Rohan Chowdary on

Heavens door by nicol kanai on

automotive by Grigoris Filippiadis on

Symmetry by alionash on

Dülferstraße by Maik Krüger on

The Three Horsemen by Onur Vardar on

Speed Drug.jpg by Albert Pew on

Untitled by 749394535 on

Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Pieter Struiksma on

Untitled by Claudio Longo Bifano on

Untitled by 8th.sense on

Conference Room by Jagjit Singh on

Palm Leaves by George Campos Jr. on

A Vida Portuguesa by Alex Batlle Bosch on

? by Warren Fan on

Perfect Light Symmetry by Cheems Photography on

Palais de justice by fanfan on

My country. My Samarkand. by ZiA Kuchkarova on

Inception by Paolo Orlandi on

Gravity get up gravity get down by Olivloliv on

Windows by Davidson Luna on

????&? by ?? ? on

Lone by Solihin Suhaimi on

Sunny days in NYC by Jon Trend on

D A N C E R S by Sabine Wagner on

Pattern of many differentes eggs  by Galina  Dolgova on


Facultad de Bellas Artes. Tenerife. by Elba Fragoso on

Untitled by Gallo V on

Das doppelte Lottchen by Tatiana Avdjiev on

Red Home by Ko Zushi on

10 green dots and one spoon by Sarah Saratonina on

91/366 – What is your Way? by Luis Francisco Partida on

Nomad People of Tassili by Hichem Attallah on

Candy Skull by Estelle Trueman on

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in our Symmetry Photo Quest so far – and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Our winner will receive an incredible prize from our friends at Lensbaby – the Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic lens! Submissions will be open until April 15th.

Symmetry not your thing? Keep your eye on where we’ll be announcing another exciting Photo Quest later this week!