Technology is a fascinating force in our world today. It touches almost every aspect of our lives, and extends to nearly every corner of the globe. Technology has the power to keep us connected, but also has the power to isolate. It keeps us moving, but can render us motionless (Netflix, much?).

As photographers, we’re keenly aware of how technology helps us preserve moments and memories; of how it powers both innovation and creativity. For our most recent Photo Quest, “Technology Today“, we asked you to capture and share the role technology plays in your life – and you’ve more than met the challenge!

We’re blown away by the creative ways in which you’ve captured “Technology Today.” Here are 40 of our favorite submissions so far:

iPalalad !!??!!??!! by Ali Al-Zaidi on

Lemme take a Selfie! by Lingeswaran Marimuthukumar on


A NEW BULLET TRAIN IN JAPAN by zoo777star on

Bulb Mode by Alex Gaflig on

Plugged In by Antoine BRUNEAU on

Ruthless, cold & scary by Dennis Edmond Sørensen on

Late nights by Jon Trend on

Untitled by Pedro Ibanez on

Blue by mahdi nikkhah on

Selfie by Ivan Wong on

into munich by Philipp Levinger on

The Void by Nicolai Roloff on

New eyes... by Antonio J. Prado Pérez on

Rule the World by Klaus Tetzner on

kid.. by rei moon on

Waiting.. by Lichtbringer on

Sparks by Alexandre Boidron on

Sentido descendente by Macjonnhy on

Untitled by SKY Sebastain on

Technology today allows me to move freely to the sound of music! by Julian Munoz on

Mehendi via Pinterest by Rahul Singh Manral on

Street by Bart Cluydts on

Digital kids by Filippo Boatto on

Trying to fix ... by Rohaf Abdullah on

Mundo tecnologico by Simón Mayer on

Lost in Humanity with the help of Technology by Rajesh Meda on

Tablet on the Tree by Deutsch Richárd on

??? by linlin Li on

Energy by Carla Vermeend on

The iPhoneographer... by Abhijit Patil on

ScreenTime by Nancy Lindo on

Untitled by Vitaliy Kharitonov on

Age of Technology by Jazz Dangol on

Espresso pouring through bottomless portafilter by Anastasia Ness on

Technologytoday1 by Mahdi Rafiey on

Communication by Denis Rusakov on

Lovely Idea by Stanislav Novak on

Hightech Blessing with love one by Jonathan Chua on

Lens by Overide Creations on

There’s still lots of time to submit your Technology Today photos – this Photo Quest ends on April 1st. One lucky winner will walk away with a sweet Mindshift UltraLight™ Dual 25L Photo Daypack, so get out there and keep shooting!