The sublime art of ballet is about movement; and yet, few videos seem to do the ballet dancer justice like the perfectly captured still image.

Maybe it’s because each split second of a ballet dancer’s movements must be perfect to create a beautiful final product, and the camera allows us to see that frame-by-frame perfection. Maybe it’s because the still holds within it multitudes that video somehow loses. Whatever the reason, ballet photography never fails to mesmerize me.

I’m hoping this collection of 30 incredible ballet photos—some of the absolute best on 500px—will do the same for you. Scroll down and enjoy.

in flight by Katie Andelman Garner on

Abandon Building Ballet by Greg Waters on

Ballerina by Valentin Il

ballerina over NYC by Vik Tory on

Roof by Vitaly Martin on

Ballerina by Adrian McDonald on

the dancer by Alexander Yakovlev on

*** by Dimitry Roulland on

the old theater by Henk van Rijssen on

Black Swan by Kobi Alony on

limitless by Juraj Gabriel on

Erika Overturff by JL Williams on

Ballerina on the street_11 by YoungGeun Kim on

Ballerina by Daniel Waschnig on

*** by Dimitry Roulland on

**** by Nico Socha on

Civetta by Mark Crislip on

Up Up and Away by Mark Crislip on

Street ballerina by Lau Yew Hung on

Ultra by Tatiana Mikhina on

Superwoman (Svetlana Bednenko of Mikhailovsky Ballet) by Allen Parseghian on

The Art of Ballet by Adrian McDonald on

ballerina cover 432 park avenue by Vik Tory on

Danza by vicente esteban on

*** by Dimitry Roulland on

Desiree by Infinitive Studios on

Window Dancer by David Lowe on

Dancing with the stars by Jonas Kekko on

Elements by Alina Shevelina on

*** by Dimitry Roulland on

There are MANY incredible images that didn’t make this collection for one reason or another… mostly because there just wasn’t enough room for all of the. If you have a favorite ballet or dance photo on 500px that you didn’t see here, drop a link in the comments!

And if you’d like to see more stunning dance photography, be sure to visit our viral spotlight on the talented Alexander Yakovlev.