Together with the good folks at LIFX—creator of the world’s brightest Wi-Fi enabled smart LED light bulbs—we challenged you to explore the world through the lens of bright, colorful filters in our Color, Filters, and Light Photo Quest. We know it’s no easy task to capture these very abstract themes in a single image, so as always, we were very impressed with all of you who pulled it off and submitted your work. Thank you all for thinking out of the box and getting creative with our Quest.

But only three lucky photographers can win and receive a package of 24 stunning LIFX bulbs. And the winners are…

Shannon by Victor Koos on

sopot by Jacek Kadaj on

"Crystallize" by KC Sandidge on

Congratulations to Victor Koos, Jacek Kadaj, and KC Sandidge whose winning images will also be featured on LIFX’s website and email newsletter. And thanks to everyone else who participated in this Photo Quest.

If you missed out on this one, don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of other fun Quests to keep you busy, so get out there and keep shooting!