Every month, we challenge you—our amazing community—to shoot and submit your best photos to our “Best Of” Photo Quests. We gave you one week in April to show us what you’ve got, and you did not disappoint! Over 6,000 incredible images later, we’re more convinced than ever that the 500px community is the most talented, most creative group of photographers out there.

Here at 500px HQ, our staff had the daunting task of choosing only three submissions to win a coveted 500px swag pack and 1-year free Awesome account. Scroll down to see the winning photos, and why we picked them. Enjoy, and get inspired!

Winning Photo #1

Colours by JX K

Colours by JX K on 500px.com

This was definitely the winning image in our judge’s eyes! Bright, bold hues are definitely on-trend right now, and we love how the vivid colors in this photo jump right off the screen! The buildings in the background provide a crisp graphic element with lead-in lines—they draw your eye directly to the model. Her slight jump adds touch of energy and movement in an otherwise static environment. The relaxed pose and contemporary styling create a cool urban vibe, making this image a total winner.

Winning Photo #2

Untitled by Oscar Nillson

Untitled by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com

This stunning photo speaks to the senses. The warm sun and delicate flower petals create a lightness that absorbs the viewer. The soft, pleasing tones add to the overall lightness of the image. We love how this quiet, weightless moment contrasts with the urban background, and how the point-of-view perspective combined with the human element intensifies the feeling that you are there.

Winning Photo #3

Lower Yosemite Falls by Josh Cartmell

Lower Yosemite Falls by Josh Cartmell on 500px.com

It’s no secret that we love a good nature shot, but this one really caught our eye. The water droplets on the lens are tangible. They heighten the viewer’s sense of immersion—you can almost feel the water splashing around you. The water spray changes the whole feeling of the photo. Without it, the scene would be calm and serene, but the added sense of energy and freshness really draws you into the image. The rocky terrain and rushing water fuse together to amplify the visual drama of this vast, stunning scene. All of these come together to create a truly engaging image.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Photo Quest, and congratulations to our winners! We’ll be in touch soon to get your prizes to you. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our active Photo Quests for a chance to win other incredible prizes!