Photographers know that golden hour, the time shortly after sunrise and just before sunset, produces warm, glowing light that’s ideal for any genre of photography.

For our Golden Hour Quest, we asked for your best photos capturing the magical qualities of this time of day and we weren’t disappointed. We received a wide range of submissions: shining cityscapes, majestic wildlife, and warm and flattering portraits. In the end, it was the quality of light and breathtaking panoramic view in Rossano Ferrari’s landscape photo “Dolomites Sunset Time” that made it our winner.

Dolomites Sunset Time by Rossano Ferrari on

What the judge loved about this photo: We had so many outstanding submissions for this Quest, but the winner knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous panorama of the Dolomites in Italy. There so many beautiful colours and tones in this photo, he clearly picked the perfect time and location to capture this majestic view.

Rossano shared the story behind the photo: I took the winning photo at Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The house you can see in the foreground is the Locatelli hut, where I slept with my son. I often drive to those places (about 5 hours away from my home) to look for interesting subjects to shoot. I was looking for a stunning sunset at Tre Cime di Lavaredo for a long time, and finally, I was lucky enough to find the best conditions. I took the photo around 8:30 PM, from a small and narrow ledge. At that point of view, there is only space for one person and his tripod. This photo is the result of an overview of 3 HDR shots horizontally.

Let the golden light of our finalist photos wash over you below:

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