We don’t know what it is about falling water that enchants us photographers and photo lovers, but whether it’s the smooth sheets of a long-exposure or the roaring torrent of a moment captured, we. love. waterfalls.

This week, our love of falling water sent us on a quest to find 25 of the most beautiful, most diverse, and most amazing waterfalls on the globe. A list that we think is worthy of the “before you die” classification. A list that every photographer could benefit from reading.

We’re not sure if we pulled it off, but after days of scouring the Internet and reading more “Top 10” and “Top 20” and “Most Beautiful” lists than we care to count, we’ve come up with a list of our own. Below are the 25 waterfalls we think EVERY photo lover should visit before they die.

1. Angel Falls

2. Yosemite Falls

3. Gullfoss

4. Victoria Falls

5. Niagara Falls

6. Fairy Falls

7. Iguazu Falls

8. Plitvice Falls

9. Manawaiopuna Falls

10. Havasu Falls

11. Rhine Falls

12. Multnomah Falls

13. Soca River Falls

14. Kaieteur Falls

15. Sutherland Falls

16. Nohkalikai Falls

17. Seljalandsfoss

18. Langfoss

19. Torc Waterfall

20. Burney Falls

21. McWay Falls

22. Skogafoss

23. Pearl Shoal Waterfall

24. Kawasan Falls

25. Detian Falls

Keep in mind that our initial shortlist had 46 waterfalls listed! Iceland alone had 6 contenders. Cutting down to a final 25 was painful and difficult, and chances are good that any waterfall you think should have made the list but didn’t was considered.

Still, let us know in the comments if you think we left out a must-see waterfall. Bonus points if you’ve got your own photo of that waterfall on 500px!

And if you just want to browse more beautiful waterfall imagery from the 500px community, give this link a click and forget about getting anything else done the rest of the day.