The kingfisher is one of the coolest birds to capture on camera… assuming you have the photography chops that is. In many ways, it’s an ideal subject: colorful and active in the coolest way, it spends its time diving for fish underwater and coming back out with bounty-in-beak, looking majestic the entire time.

The trick is to be talented enough to capture this amazing bird in action, and the photographers below have mastered the art. 500px users like Marco Redaelli and Max Rinaldi are second-to-none at this, and each of their photos is worthy of a full page in National Geographic.

Don’t believe us? Check out their photos—plus several by some other, feature-worthy 500pxers—in the collection below:

Kingfisher on No Fishing sign ! by Dean Mason on

Two is Better by Max Rinaldi on

The fatal moment by Marco Redaelli on

Dance With Me by Max Rinaldi on

Queen of the River by Georg Scharf on

Liquid Lunch by Jamie MacArthur on

The Prestige by Max Rinaldi on

Flying underwater by Marco Redaelli on

Kingfisher reflection by Marco Redaelli on

Suicide dive by Alessandro Rossini on

A Question Of Feeling by Max Rinaldi on

All you can eat! by Alessandro Rossini on

Power! by Marco Redaelli on

Missed again - common kingfisher by Jamie MacArthur on

The Big Hunter by Max Rinaldi on

kingfisher and the cobwebs by Mark Bridger on

Kingfisher in the white by Marco Redaelli on

My Treasure by Max Rinaldi on

Kin by Marco Redaelli on

Gotcha! by Max Rinaldi on

The huntress by Marco Redaelli on

Angel by Alessandro Rossini on

Kingfisher by Ian Schofield on

Catch in the sun by Marco Redaelli on

The Big Hunter by Max Rinaldi on

Have your own kingfisher images to share? Upload them to 500px and drop us a link in the comments! And if you want to see more incredible photos like the 25 above, click here