When we launched the new Galleries feature, we firmly believed you guys and gals would step up and create some truly inspirational collections that would knock our socks off. And you did NOT disappoint!

Some photographers put together beautiful galleries of their own work while others collected the best of *insert subject here*, revealing images that had long sat in the archives undiscovered or forgotten.

But even with all these awesome galleries flowing it, some stand above the rest. And one of the best of the best has to be this Animals gallery curated by 500pxer Anuska Voncina.

It is, simply put, a collection of some of the most beautiful animal photos ever shared on 500px, and we couldn’t help but feature some of her picks here on ISO as well. So scroll down to see 21 of our favorites from the gallery, and then click here to see the rest!

Jump in HEAVEN by ANDREY GUDKOV on 500px.com

freeezzzz... by mommam 777 on 500px.com

Leading the pack by David Merron on 500px.com

The Ghost and the Darkness.. by Atif Saeed on 500px.com

White madness by Katarzyna  Okrzesik-Miko?ajek on 500px.com

Yoh! by Mark Bridger on 500px.com

Red Brown Bear by Marsel van Oosten on 500px.com

Scream by Babs Boelens on 500px.com

Etosha by Ulf Amundsen on 500px.com

A Leap of Faith by Amit Kamat on 500px.com

barn owl by Detlef Knapp on 500px.com

Deer stag by Inguna Plume on 500px.com

Fire Breather by Marlon du Toit on 500px.com

small crawling king :-) by Sonja Probst on 500px.com

(OO) by Sasi - smit on 500px.com

Mountain fox in low sunlight by Trond Eriksen on 500px.com

Now that you wake me up is better for you to start running by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza on 500px.com

Lioness in a rainstorm by Johan Swanepoel on 500px.com

Hunting in the Rain by Henrik Nilsson on 500px.com

Fox by Helena Kuchynkov√° on 500px.com

steam and dust by greg du toit on 500px.com

Created an amazing gallery of your own? Show off your curation skills and share it in the comments!