Forget the APS-C vs Full-Frame debate, medium format photographers certainly have…

If you’ve ever shot in medium format—whether you were shooting film or digital—you know how incredible it can be to have a sensor or piece of film that makes full-frame sensors/35mm film seem tiny by comparison.

They’re not the fastest cameras, and you won’t see many (or any) on the sideline of a sporting event, but if you set foot in a portrait studio and see a PhaseOne or Hasselblad or old Rolleiflex system staring you in the face, you’re probably going to be impressed with the final results.

Case in point: here are 25 of the best portraits on 500px, each of them captured on a medium format system. Enjoy… just remember to pick your jaw up off the floor when it’s all said and done!

Reflect by Sean Hamilton on

Days Of Thunder by John Tuckey on

Ju viola by Daniil Kontorovich on

Ivan by Daniil Kontorovich on

wind by Anka Zhuravleva on

Yi by Morkt  on

*** by Yuri Shevchenko on

Chontelle by Peter Coulson on

Scan by Valery P on

Jessica A. by Benjo Arwas on

TF dark and moody portrait - natural light by Daniel Hager on

gra by Rolland András Flinta on

e.m. by Rolland András Flinta on

Z by Morkt  on

Laura by Carlos Alvarado Jr. on

embrace the emptiness by Eugene Putilin on

Julia by ALex Logaiski on

[ d. e. s. ]º01 by Florian Weiler on

Time Travel by Rey Vladyc Mangouta on

Rock Star Attitude II by Michael Woloszynowicz on

[ l. i. ll. ]º16 by Florian Weiler on

Do you shoot medium format? How do you think it compares to 35mm film or full-frame sensors? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to attach your favorite MF photo you’ve ever captured to the end of your answer.