Stuck in a rut? Shooting the same photos or style over and over again? Can’t seem to snap out of it? Let’s do something about that!

The collection of 21 creative, conceptual photos below is a fount of interesting ideas and ready-made rut-buster. From Photoshop trickery to real-life photo ‘manipulations’ that aren’t manipulations at all, let these shots inspire you to try something totally different this week.

Untitled by Sam Sklar on

butterflies in my stomach by alex currie on

Quiet. by David Uzochukwu on

*** by oprisco  on

Autumn by Katja Kemnitz on

Dazzled by Dennis Elliott on

The tracks I leave by Mike Alegado on

Suspended by Alessio Albi on

Seven Days A Week of Truth and Fantasy by Amani AlShaali on

Hands by Solihin Suhaimi on

when it rains, it pours by Elise Swopes on

August Afternoon by Andrea Peipe on

last match by zev hoover on

Surface by Michiel Pieters on

41/52 Animality - Bipolar disorder by Federico Sciuca on

the unexpected by Marta Bevacqua on

untitled by alex currie on

gra by Rolland András Flinta on

Deep In A Quiet Storm II by Lauren Naylor on

...white... by Natalia Samoilova on

Ocean of Flames by Alessio Albi on

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