Clean composition is a beautiful thing, and that’s what the 21 images below are all about. Curated from a wonderful gallery called “Minimal People” by 500pxer Izzaidi Zazer, these images were captured by photographers who tried very hard to remove as many distracting elements as possible.

Simple lines and shapes are a must, and color is, at times, totally unnecessary. These images are an example of minimalism and people photography at their best, and when you combine the two, you get something greater than the sum of its parts…

Enjoy and stay inspired!

7:37 am... by Takeshi Ishizaki on

Pismo Beach by seandshoots .com on

Arrival of the ship by Junichi Hakoyama on

Misty Forest by Daniel Tran on

Sea to Sky Gondola by Rishad Daroowala on

Gentleman by Keiichi Ichikawa on

Walking by bahadir bermek on

intersections by Nuno A on

... by Mojlo  on

This shop have been taken from my last visit to Taj Mahal, India by Mohammed Abdo on

My Little Universe by Max van Son on

First Tracks by Emil Eriksson on

0wnperspective by Daan Zahradnik on

Untitled by Yusuke Sakai on

Balade Urbaine by MattCphotos  on

Getting There by Douglas Knisely on

? run away ? by Tim Ackermann on

runners. by Johannes Hoehn on

La poinçonneuse by Mila Plum

Deforestation by Amelie Satzger on

Bridge by Thomas Habr on

Check out the full Minimal People gallery here for more inspiring photos like the 21 above. And if you have your own similar shot to show off, don’t forget to drop it in the comments!