Photo: Waiting for Santa by Marcia Fernandes

It’s the middle of January, it’s getting colder… and we’re feeling nostalgic about the holidays. It’s the perfect time to look back at the winners of our two holiday Photo Quests. Read on to discover the winning photos and read the stories behind the shots! …Plus, some super cute animal photos.

The lucky winner of our Holiday Cheer Photo Quest was Jody D’Angelo with her photo “Magic of Christmas.”

Magic of Christmas by Jody D

Meet the photographer: I have enjoyed photography for many years but three years ago turned my hobby into a profession. I initially aimed to focus on candid, natural shots, but as I grew as a photographer, I began to also enjoy the fine art side of photography. I love nature and outdoors and like to incorporate the natural surroundings whenever possible. In addition to my client sessions, I am also working on another 365 project with my three girls.

She shares the story behind her winning image: For this photo, I wanted to capture both the magic and excitement of the holidays. This was taken at my home and my three daughters are pictured here shouting for joy.

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Take a look at our runners up:

Christmas Tree by Alexa_ on

Patience by Naomi Anselmo on

Milk for Santa at Christmas night by Chinara Rasulova on

Christmas decoration on blue background by Kamil Zab?ocki on

So we met Santa... by Anghelov Medina on

Mulled cranberry juice by Vladislav Nosick on

Christmas ornaments with candle in the background by Chinara Rasulova on

The Christmas Wish by Clare Ahalt on

Hasta la vista, gingerbread man! by Vladislav Nosick on

Our Holiday Pets Photo Quest received tons of submissions of incredibly cute critters. However, we had to go with Marcia Fernandes’ shot “Waiting for Santa.”

Waiting for Santa by Marcia Fernandes on

Meet the photographer: Me and my husband work together, we only get to work with kids and families, and we just love to see how free-spirited and wild they are. Our whole line of work is about letting the kids be, allowing them to show us what makes each of them amazing.

She shares the story behind her winning image: This photo was taken in our living room, and it was not intended to go like that. We were thinking more like a pic of our son and our dog smiling for a cute Christmas card for the family. However, as soon as they sat down, they got into eating and drinking, which made the whole thing so much funnier and totally true to who they are. We ended up thinking it was completely adorable! 🙂

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Take a look at the adorable pets in the runners up:

Christmas cat by Vladislav Nosick on

Santa Pup by Kristin Castenschiold on

Adorable festive white horse by Anastasia Belousova on

Chocolate Lab Portrait In Black by Corey Bourassa on

Merry Christmas ho ho ho... by Zheng Dou on

Friendship by Agata Bednarska on


New Year

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