The Leonids meteor shower is one of the most spectacular celestial events visible to the naked eye. The shower peaks Friday, Nov. 17—a perfect opportunity to try out astrophotography and snap a photo of the dazzling display.

If you’re keen on capturing a meteor on camera, check out our guide to photographing a meteor shower, and don’t miss Tanner Wendell Stewart‘s Astrophotography Class. PhotoPills’ guide can also help you figure out the best places to see them, and where to look.

We’ve compiled some of the best meteor shower photos from the 500px community to inspire you to snap a meteor.

Curated by Rodrigo Daguerre

Perseid Meteor Shower by Matt Payne on

Meteor on Mount Qomolangma by bajie on

Look beyond the stars by Thomas Mørkeberg on

Le due sorelle Beach II by Alessio Andreani on

Meteor Shower by huaxia sutuan on

Shy Perseids by Mark Finney on

Perseids on the border by Qingyu Tan on

Perseids meteor shower by plus86 on

Perseids over the Buzludzha by Ruslan Asanov on

Geminids in Australia by Steven Sandner on

Meteor Pier by Joe Capra on

Wish Upon A Falling Star by Cat Connor on

Medicine Bow Perseids by Ryan Shepard on

Make A Wish by Michael Shainblum on

Geminid Meteor Shower by Cody Limber on

Meteor Shower by Seiyu Ushiyama on

Star Shower by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim on

Stunning Moment (Fuji & Meteor) by Yuga Kurita on

Meteor shower by Stijn Dijkstra on

Geminids arriving by Cludes Tomato on