Photography isn’t always about capturing what’s there; sometimes, it’s about breaking down the walls between fantasy and the reality, and letting the two worlds mingle and mix in wonderful ways.

Each of the photos below does just that by bringing some of our favorite Disney characters out of the storybooks and off movie screens and putting them onto our computer screens as living, breathing people.

From traditional recreations to wild interpretations (turns out Mulan makes for a pretty awesome zombie huntress…), here are 15 of our favorite photographic interpretations of Disney IRL:

pan by alex currie on

Aladdin by Irina Dzhul on

Anna and Sven by Amber Bauerle | Frosted Productions on

Twisted Disney: Mulan by Alain Pilon on

Untitled by Irina Dzhul on

Cruella by Margarita Kareva on

Aurora by Amber Bauerle | Frosted Productions on

Tell Me About Youre Dreams by Alisa Kurganskaya on

Mulan by Annie Mitova on

Believe by Katie Andelman Garner on

Esmeralda by Irina Dzhul on

What is this place? by Michele Albrigo on

Snow white is dead by Fabrice Meuwissen on

Colors of the Wind pt. 8: Yellow by Rob Woodcox on

Flamingo Social by Katie Andelman Garner on

Have a favorite Disney IRL portrait on 500px that we missed? Or maybe you shot one of your own at some point. Dig it up and share it with us in the comments!